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Multiple Responsive Slideshows Extension for Magento 2

Current Extension Version : 2.0.1

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  • Unlimited Slides and Slideshows: Create as many slideshows and slides as you want.

  • Slideshow parameters & effectsSet parameters like transition effect, delays, enable / disable arrows and more.

  • Slide URLsDirect users to desired pages directly from the slideshow.

  • View and Analyze Reports: See the number of clicks and views of a slide in each slideshow and all slideshows combined.

  • Fully Responsive: Adapts to the viewing device to create optimal viewing experience.

Multiple Responsive Slideshows Extension for Magento 2
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  • Unlimited Slides and Slideshows

    Create unlimited Slideshows and add as many slides as you want to each slideshow.

  • Fully Repsonsive Slideshows

    The slideshows adjust their resolution and size with respect to the device, allowing you to display your slideshow responsively on all devices.

  • Attractive Animations

    You can choose from two attractive animation types : Fade Out / Fade In and Slide

  • Customizable Positions

    Slideshows can be placed on Home page and anywhere else on the site with a customized widget.

  • Slideshow parameters & effects

    Every slideshow type has parameters which can be set like transition effect, enable / disable arrows, delays, etc

  • Slide visibility

    The starting time and ending time of a slide can be set, i.e. the time duration for which it will be visible.

  • Slide Captions

    All slides can have captions and sub-headings which can be positioned at the center, left or right of slides.

  • Slide URLs

    All slides can have URL links associated, allowing you to redirect users to desired pages from the slideshow.

  • Slideshow preview

    The slideshow can be previewed before actually placing them on the site.



    Introduce your magento store to customers and capture their attention with attractive and engaging slideshows.


    The slideshows are javascript based. As opposed to flash based slideshows, javacript slideshows are search engine optimized. The slide captions and URLs further add to the SEO nature.


    Slideshows can help you reach an audience that is focused, engaged, and likely to convert and can virtually double or triple your level of traffic.


    Evaluate the effectiveness of slides and slideshows by viewing and analysing the number of clicks, views and CTR ratio of a slide in each slideshow and all the slideshows together.

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