Magento Set-up and Installation on Amazon Cloud (AWS)

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You may ask us to do some or all of the above under this service.

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Magento set-up and installatin on Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Note: Amazon is currently offering a 1 Year - Free Usage Tier for hosting. To sign up for this amazing offer, please visit: .

Note: For both the cases of a Fresh Setup or for Migrating your Magento website from your current hosting to Amazon AWS Cloud hosting, you may order this service.

It is rightly said that AWS (Amazon Web Services) has radically changed the economics of running a web technology based company. With AWS, Amazon provides awesome products for hosting your online store.

You can rent a server on AWS and run it just as you would a physical server. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you pay for your virtual server only while it runs. You start paying for servers by the hour. You only pay for the boxes when they run, and you only pay for storage that’s actually in use, so your startup costs are minimal, and it encourages experimentation at the hardware level, to see what configuration works best for your website.

The biggest difference and advantage of using AWS is flexibility. Backed by the AWS network, your virtual server can do things no physical server can, such as automatically scaling into multiple servers when demand for your application increases. A new box can be spun up very, very quickly. This allows for scaling up in response to load events, rather than in advance of them: when your monitoring detects high load, you can spin up additional capacity, and it can be ready in time to handle the current load event. You can again scale down when the load decreases, and you would pay only for what you use.

There are many more advantages of using AWS for hosting your website like Elastic load balancing, Amazon Cloudfront (CDN), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon ElastiCache, Security, etc.

Service Inclusions

Magento's installation and setup service for AWS enables you to have a high performance server setup for your Magento website. It includes:


 Setting up your Amazon EC2 instance according to Magento's system requirements.

 Installing Magento on Amazon EC2 (or migrating your current website to Amazon EC2 as the case may be).

 Domain mapping: Mapping your website's domain to your Amazon EC2 instance.

 You may ask us to do some or all of the above in this service.

Details Required for Service:

We will be needing the following information and files from you to proceed with setup and installation. Please send these to us via contact form after purchasing this service:
1) AWS Account Login (You just need to do basic signup for AWS from here: and give us your account details. We will do the other AWS configurations for you.):
- Email
- Password
2) Your site URL

3) Domain registration account information (for domain mapping).
4) Other desired site information:
- Admin Username
- Admin Password

This service is normally completed in 12 to 48 hours.

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