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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Extension for Magento 2

Current Extension Version : 2.0.1

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  • Enhances your company’s reach and helps you to engage your customers by providing the best experience

  • Provides a personalized and curated shopping experience for customers online.

  • Helps your shoppers save time by searching for new and trending products and categories through easy navigations and simple conversations

  • Improves customer relations and helps customer service management at a lower cost compared to the human manpower

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What Are Chatbots ?

What influences the Rise of Chatbots ?

Personalization of virtual communication

The exponential rise of artificial intelligence technologies in past few years brings chatbots to a new level. Together with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence brings up to 90% accuracy in machine parsing and understanding requests and therefore develops a personalization with user during the virtual communication.

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Predictive Assistance

Interactive messages, that are sent by bots taking into account context of the situation, is an important factor in making this technology both useful and engaging for the customers.

Broader Appeal

In a recent survey, it was figured out that 75% of consumers say they would choose messaging apps over email to get in touch with a business. Therefore, Chatbots are entering the market rapidly and have a broad appeal for customers due to efficiency and ease of interaction.


Transforming Customer Experience

Chatbots help brands reduce the friction of serving more customers with meaningful and service-oriented interactions.

What all this extension provides ?

Facebook has developed a Chatbot program for its messenger platform. That program allows businesses to enable virtual communication with their customers. This extension will help you create your very own Facebook Chatbot and that Chatbot will be replying to your customers on your Facebook Page. This will open up an engagement channel for your business. Note that this extension works only with Facebook Messenger platform.

  • Instant Answers using Artificial Intelligence

    We’ve used Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver instant answers to users in response to their messages and requests.

  • Show products from the store in Facebook Messenger

    Displays products from your store to users directly in messenger. This helps customers check out and search for products of their choice.

  • Call-To-Action buttons with each product result

    Along with each product displayed to user, important call to action buttons are displayed clicking on which user can view the details (and available images in a bigger view) of the product, view the product on website and also mark any product as “Favourite”.

  • Add to “favourites” feature

    Users can add any product displayed to them to the list of their “favourites” and then access their favourite items by clicking on a persistent menu or typing “favourites” at any time.

  • Both Quick and Persistent menu options for more engagement

    We’ve provided both kinds of menu options - quick and persistent enabling users search for new products, trending or best selling products and categories. All these menu options are admin-configurable.

  • Enables Curated Shopping through Related Products option

    After customer shows interests in a product clicking on ‘View Product’, we display more quick menu options like ‘More Images’ and ‘Related Products’.

  • Customizable automated messages

    Ability for admin to customize content of various automated messages like – greetings, not found, results found, multiple welcome messages.

  • Broadcast promotional messages

    Our chatbot helps you broadcast any kind of deals or promotional messages to facebook users who were active on your bot at some time in past. You can also add call to action buttons and images to these messages for more engagement. Status of messages sent to every single facebook user can also be checked.


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