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Advanced Search Extension for Magento 2

Current Extension Version : 2.0.1

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  • Add a customizable AJAX auto-suggest popup
  • Display fast auto-suggest search results
  • Show suggested searches
  • Expand search results
Advanced Search Extension for Magento 2
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Advanced Search Extension

What all this extension provides?

Advanced Search Box

Attractively and Intelligently auto-suggests search results. Each search result in the auto-suggest is a link that enables user to directly go to the content main page.

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Customizable auto-suggest popup

Include product details like product image, SKU, price, reviews and ratings, etc. in the auto-suggest popup. You can also choose to enable the 'Add to cart' button right in the search results.

Import Customer Data from Custom Form

The extension is extremely easy to configure, that is, in just a few steps. You can also set here the number of suggested or product results you want to display in the popup.


Instant search results

Flexible Ajax and Auto-complete function display results as the users type the key words. As soon as the customer starts typing in the search box, he instantly receives relevant auto-suggestions.

Benefits of Advanced Search?

  • Increased user engagement and retention

    Your website's content and users are its assets. Advanced Search extension enables your users to instantly find products by easy searching and browsing in a neat interface, thus creating a win-win situation for you and your members. So get this extension now for your Magento website.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Display product reviews and ratings along with the products in the auto-suggest popup to help your customers make the purchase decision much faster.

  • Add to Cart button

    Show the Add to cart button next to the product in the auto-suggest popup itself to allow your customers to purchase necessary products right away.

  • Fast auto-suggest search results

    The auto-suggest results are extremely fast and are shown as soon as the users type their search query thus saving the customers' time and effort. Also, each search result in the auto-suggest is a link that enables user to directly go to the product main page.


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